Semen Freezing

Stallions are taken for semen freezing for UK and EU markets as we are DEFRA approved, we under go strict visits and guidelines we must follow to allow us this status.

  • To enable you to market your stallion overseas or more widely in the UK.
  • To have a option to breed in the event of injury or death
  • Allowing the stallion to breed and and compete without distraction.

The number of doses achieved from a single semen collection varies from stallion to stallion, and from day to day. Stallions usually produce between 6-10 insemination doses per ejaculate. We recommend that stallion owners allow three insemination doses for each mare to be bred.



“‘This is our first year breeding, we have used several studs this year yours has been the most helpful in all ways, a pleasure to deal with’.”

Brian Comb

“‘You and your team offered a professional and efficient service. Always very friendly and ready to answer any questions or give advice. thank you’.”

Patricia Owen