A.I. Charges / Vets Packages

Veterinary Services are carried out by North West Equine Vets

Our Vets packages can be used at the stud for both onsite and offsite stallions

Our main aim is to get your mare in foal as easily and quickly as possible for you. To help us do that we have excellent veterinary back from Aldington Equine Vets Ltd. We can take care of everything from scanning to insemination, if preferred mares can just come for a few days to be served and taking home in between scans.

We suggest clients take advantage of the excellent value vet packages available from North West Equine Vets. These packages are optional, mares can still be billed on a per scan basis.

Stud Packages 2021

Fresh / Chilled Semen Package £280 (Up to 3  cycles during the 2021 stud season)

Included in Stud Packages:

  • All scans leading up to insemination
  • A prostaglandin injection to bring your mare in to season if required
  • A hormone injection or implant to facilitate the timing of ovulation if required
  • A post insemination scan, saline flush of the uterus and single antibiotic treatment if required
  • Management of twin pregnancies if required
  • Pregnancy scans up to 45 days
  • All routine veterinary visits
  • A repeat of the above on your mare’s next cycle if she fails to conceive

Not included in Stud Packages:

  • CEM swabbing and EVA blood testing prior to breeding
  • Treatment of fertility problems such as chronic uterine infection
  • Treatment of persistent uterine fluid (if more than one uterine flush is required)
  • Sedation (which is sometimes required for safety reasons)
  • Treatment of any non-breeding related issues
  • Management of twin pregnancies if required
  • Surgery to improve poor vulva conformation
  • Any routine vaccinations


Discounts available for multiple mares

A.I. Packages

A.I packages can be used for both onsite and off site stallions

A.I. using an on site or walk in stallion :- relevant vets package (one off payment) plus £30 per cycle

A.I. using outside stallions :- relevant vets package (one off payment) plus £60 per cycle, this includes the fee for liaising with the relevant stud & all paperwork for the insemination.