Mare Services

Care of Your Mare

Your mare is guaranteed excellent care, throughout their stay. Karen Raine owner & manager is a B.H.S.A.I. & B.H.S. Intermediate Stable Manager. As well as N.V.Q. qualified stud assessor. All mares are treated as individuals & any special feeding or care can be organised. Unsound mares, mares on box rest, mares on medication, mares recovering from lameness or surgery can all be looked after by our team of qualified staff & vets. Where required mares can go on our Horse walker either for exercise, to keep fit, or for rehabilitation.

A.I Services

We have a minimum of two fully qualified A.I Technicians who will ensure that all of the semen is handled and processed correctly prior to insemination. This ensures the best chances of pregnancy.

You don’t have to use our stallions to take advantage of our excellent facilities and experience. With our very competitive A.I/Vets packages mares are taken for A.I with fresh or chilled semen to any UK or EU stallion of the owners choice. We can advise on contracts and delivery arrangements for any prospective stallions. We will liaise with the stallions owner to take the hassle out if it for the mare owner. Our packages also include all of the correct paper work required to ensure your foal can be registered for a verified parentage passport.

By using A.I it provides a much safer environment for your mare as she will never meet the stallion reducing the risk of injury. A.I also allows smaller mares to be put to larger stallions. Fertility rates are increased as semen is evaluated and inseminated accordingly.

 These are charged by the stud per cycle. In order to enable A.I to be carried out at the optimum time for the best chance of conception A.I is performed by one of the stud’s qualified A.I technicians rather than having to be timed round vet visits.

A.I to an on-site or walk in stallion £30

A.I to UK based  off-site stallion £40-  non UK based Stallion £60 -this includes all the liaising with the Stallion owner, checking  semen health tests and fertility.

Vets Packages

Fresh / Chilled Semen Package £425 (Inc VAT)  Up to 3 cycles during the 2024 stud season

Included in Stud Packages:

  • All scans leading up to insemination
  • A prostaglandin injection to bring your mare in to season if required
  • A hormone injection or implant to facilitate the timing of ovulation if required
  • Post insemination scans
  • One saline flush of the uterus and single antibiotic treatment if required
  • Pregnancy scans up to 45 days
  • All routine veterinary visits

Not included in Stud Packages:

  • CEM swabbing and EVA blood testing prior to breeding
  • A.I is NOT included this is charged by the stud
  • Treatment of fertility problems such as chronic uterine infection
  • Treatment of persistent uterine fluid (if more than one uterine flush is required)
  • Sedation (which is sometimes required for safety reasons)
  • Treatment of any non-breeding related issues
  • Management of twin pregnancies if required
  • Surgery to improve poor vulva conformation
  • Any routine vaccinations

Frozen semen package £580 (inc. VAT) – per Cycle

Price List

All mares must be stabled on full livery during the time they are being dealt with by the vet, daily turn out is available.

Full Livery

Barren Mare stabled at night £18 per day

Barren Mare stabled 24 hours £20 per day

Mare & Foal £20  per day (stabled at night)

Mare & Foal stabled 24hr £22 per day

Daily charge for local mares coming in for the day for the vet £12 per day

Stocks charge for local mares coming in to use the stocks for the vet and going straight home  (included in the daily charge) £5


Grass Livery   – We have a few spaces for long distance mares to stay on grass livery whilst awaiting their scan                                                                                                              

Barren Mare £9.00

Mare & foal  £15.00

Plus hard feed using our Stud Mix +£2 per day

Mares for Weaning  – Mare and foal keep fees are applicable                                                                                                     

Weaning Fee £120

Foaling Fee £300

Keep Charges are per day so you only pay for the number of days you use.