Stallion full livery per day

£25 per day


Livery includes turn out in a specific stallion turn out & use of horse walker for exercise.

Our team will endeavour to ensure your stallions’ individual requirements are fully met.

Our facilities provide your stallion with a spacious stable, free use of the Horse walker and turnout in a safe stallion paddock.

The stallions stables are also covered by CCTV.

Long term livery for Stallions is available prices are available upon request

            Dummy Mare Training

Per individual session £70

Semen Collection Charges 

Collection from a CFS  stallion  for an off-site mare £100 (including delivery)

Collection from a walk in stallion for A.I to a on-site mare £85 (not including A.I)

Collection from a walk in stallion(chilled or fresh)  for an off-site mare £95 (no delivery)

Collection from a walk in stallion (chilled) for off-site mare £120 (including delivery)


Fertility tests  £80


Semen Freezing Prices

Fee per collection – £80

For freezing we would usually collect 4 times per week depending on the individual stallion’s fertility.

Fee per equine insemination dose successfully frozen (Processing, freezing and assessment)    – £12

The number of doses achieved from a single semen collection varies from stallion to stallion, and from day to day. Stallions usually produce between 5-8 insemination doses per ejaculate. We recommend that stallion owners allow three insemination doses for each mare to be bred.

For EU collection the vet needs to be present so there will be a vet charge on top of the collection charge payable direct to the vet.

Frozen Semen Storage and Dispatch

Storage per month

0-30      equine insemination doses*       £15                             31-60    equine insemination doses*        £20

61-150   equine insemination doses*       £25                              151-250 equine insemination doses*       £30

251-350 equine insemination doses*       £35                              351-500 equine insemination doses*       £40

*One equine insemination dose is the semen required to carry out one insemination.

Frozen Semen Distribution

Please not we require at least 72 hours notice for the distribution of Frozen semen

   Next day before Noon delivery service          £200

Northern Ireland and Scottish Highlands       £220

Processing and handling for delivery  up to 3 doses          £30

Processing and handling for delivery  bulk dispatch  £70

Saturday delivery                                 +£30

Carriage outside Europe
(price on application)
*Hire of tank requires a £1,000 refundable deposit
All collection, storage and distribution prices are subject to