Backing and Schooling

We have over 30 years’ experience in backing and schooling horses and ponies. We have backed and schooled:-

HOYS & RIHS show horses/ponies

BYEH finalists.


Novice to Grade A show jumpers

JC to JA Jumping ponies

Cradle and Nursery Working Hunter ponies

Lead rein and first ridden ponies

Stallions form 12hh to 16.3hh

Basically  all types of sports horses, ponies and stallions, pictures of some are below.

Every horse is backed and schooled to the same high standards and care you see in our own ponies, horses and stallions who’s success speak for themselves.

We do not use gadgets or ‘quick fix’ methods that will potentially cause damage to your horse, throughout the backing and schooling process the horse/pony’s physical and mental well being is at the forefront of our work.  We will produce you a horse /pony that has been backed and schooled in a manner that will enable it to fulfill it’s full potential

Ponies are a specialty as we have lightweight pony jockeys available so we can take small ponies . Our fantastic facilities ensure that whatever the weather your horse can be worked every day all year round. Our team of Show. Working Hunter and show jumping ponies ridden by Karen’s daughter Rebecca are a testament to this.

With our fantastic facilities weather does not stop progress and your horse/pony can be worked daily whatever the weather.


Prices :-

  • Ponies £130 per week winter £110 per week summer living out
  • Horses £150 per week winter £120 per week summer living out.

Rehabilitation livery

In today’s demanding world not everyone has the time to do weeks of rehab sometimes needed after an illness or injury. Correct rehab is vital to a horses potential for recovery and ability to stay sound and taking short cuts at this very important time can have a massive effect on the final outcome. We understand the Bio Mechanics of the horse and how important it is that they work correctly, sometimes having to re train muscle memory from an injury.

We offer the following Rehab:-

Heat therapy


Horse Walker

Long Reining

Hand walking

Small all weather turn out pens


Prices depend on the type of package you require and are sometimes covered by insurance.